Evangelical. Missional. Reformed.

Abbe Reformed Church is a ministry of the Reformed Church in America, but what does that look like on the ground? Here’s a glimpse at what makes us who we are.



Q: What do you mean by "Evangelical"?

A: We believe that life in Christ is radically different from life outside of Christ. We believe that this life shows up in every-day life in evangelism and social action. We have a high regard for and obedience to the Bible as our only rule for faith and life. Finally, we believe that the Cross is both beautiful and essential.



Q: What do you mean by "Missional"?

A: We believe that Jesus came to earth on a mission: to announce that God's kingdom was almost here, and—in fact—was arriving in himself. Being "missional" means living like this is true. It means trusting and spreading this good news. It means building for the kingdom, and it means living differently in every area of our lives, from our jobs to our relationships. 

It's why we give over 30% of our budget to our mission partners. It's why we make ourselves busy with local mission. Because the Church doesn't exist just to keep itself going; it exists because in Jesus, the whole world will be made new.


Being Reformed


Q: What do you mean by "Reformed"?

A: It mostly has to do with the way we read scripture. We have a high view of scripture: it is our only rule for faith and practice. We have four "bible studies" that help explain scripture. They're called Standards, and you can find them here.  We are Sacramental, which means we believe that God is uniquely present in Baptism and at the Lord's Table. We are Covenantal, meaning we see God working primarily in calling human communities into relationship with him.