As Abbe looks for a new pastor, the Consistory, made up of 6 Elders and 6 Deacons will be taking over the responsibilities of the pastor. They are passionate about leading Abbe Reformed Church to live more faithfully into the hope that God has revealed in Jesus Christ. Please feel free to contact the Consistory at


Elders are set apart for a ministry of watchful and responsible care for the welfare and order of the church.

They have oversight of all members, including one another, the deacons, and the ministers, equipping everyone to live in harmony with God’s Word.
They ensure the Word of God is rightly proclaimed and taught, and the sacraments faithfully administered.

Elders assist the ministers with their good counsel, and serve all Christians with advice, consolation, and encouragement.


Deacons are set apart for a ministry
of mercy, service, and outreach.

They gather gifts and offerings, care for them faithfully, and distribute them with wisdom and compassion to persons in need and for purposes that advance God’s kingdom on earth.

Deacons visit and comfort the distressed, provide for whatever necessities may arise, and assist the congregation at services of worship.

Current members serving on Consistory


Scott Bensink, Vice President Renee Teculver Nelson TeCroney Ryan Jones Eric Heil Randy Wassink


Eric Dunnewold, Head Deacon Kelly White Judy Willink Willowe Neckers Cindy Applebee Breanna Summers