Following Jesus has consequences.

Here are some of the practical, on-the-ground things we are doing because we believe that Jesus is Lord. 


Food pantry

Our food pantry is open the third Saturday of every month from 8-10:30am. Contact us for more information.

Wee Care

wee Care

This popular ministry of Abbe Reformed Church provides our area with excellent academics, valuable social skills, and imaginative formation.

Prayer Quilts

Our handmade quilts are left untied until a prayer request arrives. Then we pray while tying each knot as a physical sign of prayer and presence.


Medical Support

We partner with the health department to provide monthly space for immunizations and mammograms. We also provide monthly blood pressure screenings after worship.


Uganda Partnership

We have a long-standing partnership with a school in Uganda.

Home Missions

Home Missions

Taking care of our neighbors is a big priority. Contact us to let us know of a need.

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